Hey guys do you wanna know how to start a blog and make money online very easily in 2021? If your answer is yes, then read this article carefully which will help you to start your money-making successful blog.

What is Blogging?

According to Wikipediablog (a truncation of “weblog“) is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries (posts ). Posts are typically displayed in reverse chronological order, so that the most recent post appears first, at the top of the Blog.

The emergence and growth of blogs in the late 1990s coincided with the advent of web publishing tools that facilitated the posting of content by non-technical users who did not have much experience with HTML or programming language.

In the late 1990s, people were writing their blog just to share their hobby, experiences etc., But after later when online advertising programs like Google Adsense was launched, people started making money from their blog by showing ads. And Blogging became a business, Nowadays bloggers are earning huge money from their blogs, in this article I will also guide you step by step to start your successful blog and make money online.

Different Types of Blog

There are different types of bloggers who write different types of blogs to reach a specific audience. For example, many are sharing travel experiences, cooking tips, reviews, business ideas, buying guides and more. Every blog has different types of content and reader. Below, I have listed some types of blogs that you can create, I will also guide you on how to choose the right niche for your blog.

  1. Personal Blogs
  2. Business Blogs
  3. Professional Blogs
  4. Niche blogs
  5. Reverse blogs
  6. Affiliate Blogs
  7. Media blogs
  8. Freelance bloggers
  9. DIY Blogs
  10. Finance Blogs
  11. News Blogs

Define Your Blog’s Purpose & Audiance

Every blog has a specific purpose and audience that it aims to reach. It is important to work on these aspects of the blog before you begin publishing content. There are huge audiences active on the internet, you have to just find out the right audience for you.

The purpose of a blog can range from reporting on news stories’ to venting your thoughts and feelings about current events or even something as simple as sharing your love of travel destinations. The more you know about what kind of blog you are trying to create, the better insight you will have into what kind of content will be most effective for reaching your target audience, and your audience will stay more engaged with your blog.

Having a clear idea about your blog’s audience will help you while writing posts and topics that they would be interested in reading about. It is important not to alienate potential readers with unnecessary jargon or by being too complicated in the language with which you write, so keep this in mind and keep your content simple and easy to understand.

Choosing A Niche for Your Blog

Before you start a blog you have to pick your niche (topics), which means on which topic you can write and explain properly. It’s not following any others niche and writing on that, it’s about finding your passion, interest and on which you have the proper knowledge. Your content is something you like and know a lot about it. So choose a perfect niche that will help you to earn money from the internet. Niche (topic) is a very important part of your blog, that will help you to build a successful blog. Choose a topic on which you have the proper knowledge and you enjoy sharing it with others.

I am giving you some niche ideas below which will definitely help you to find your niche for building a successful blog. You may find your blog’s niche from the below-listed topics or you can choose any other topic and share content on your blog.

  1. Health and fitness blogs
  2. Lifestyle blogs
  3. Travel Blogs
  4. Fashion and beauty blogs
  5. Photography blogs
  6. Personal blogs
  7. DIY craft blogs
  8. Parenting blogs
  9. Music blogs
  10. Political blogs
  11. Sports Blog
  12. News Blog
  13. Religion blog
  14. Food blog
  15. Multimedia blog
  16. Movie blog
  17. Art and design blog
  18. Business blog
  19. Affiliate Blog
  20. Reviews blog
  21. Interior design blog
  22. Finance blog
  23. Book and writing blog

Buying Domain Name

Before you start a blog you need a domain name. Your domain name is very important in the internet world, So choose it very carefully. The domain name is like an anchor for your brand. Before registering a domain name you have to check some information. Here I have given you some short tips to buy a perfect domain name.

Choose TLD:- While buying a domain you need to keep in mind that there are many domain extensions available like .COM, .NET etc. You have to choose the right domain extension. Every domain extension has a different purpose to use. If your targeted audience is global then you should go with gTLD(Generic Top Level Domain) like .COM,.NET,.TECH etc. And if you want to target any country-specific audience then you should go with ccTLD (Country Code Top Level Domain).

Easy to Type & Remember:- Choose a domain name for your blog which should be easy to spell, type and remember. So your blog visitors can easily remember and may return to your blog. When your web address is easy to spell and type readers can remember it and they will visit your blog again.

Avoid these words:- While buying a domain name to start a blog you should not add some bad words. You should not use any slang and spammy words on your domain name. You have to avoid words that have more than one common spelling, which may result in the loss of traffic to your blog.

Shorter is better:- Always choose a domain name that is easy to type, remember and spell. Shorter words are always easy to type and remember. For example, Amazon.com, Facebook.com, Ebay.com, Google.com domains are very short and easy to remember.

Avoid Trademark:- Before you buy a domain name to start a blog or business website, you should check the trademark unless you may have to pay a huge fine. Before you purchase a domain name for your blog or business, you have to check if anyone has trademarked that name or not. If anyone has registered that name (maybe with another extension or has an only offline presence) then you should avoid it.

Check social media handle:- Before registering your domain name you need to check if social media handles are available or not of that name. Nowadays social media is very helpful to grow your blog and business.

Avoid Hyphens & Numbers:- You should avoid hyphens & numbers while choosing a good domain name for your brand. If your domain has two words with hyphens, people may forget hyphens while typing and your blog will lose traffic. If you use numbers on your domain name it may be confusing for your customers and blog readers. For example, if your domain is XYZ7.COM and you share it with others they may type XYZSEVEN.COM which will result in you o loose traffic to your blog.

Choose a good domain registrar:- As I have already discussed your domain name is your identity and reputation on the internet, So you have to keep it safe. Choose a reputed reliable and trusted domain registrar. If you choose a new and scammer registrar you may lose your domain name. Here I have mentioned some trusted domain registrars below, you may purchase your domain from them and start a blog.

  • Godaddy
  • NameCheap
  • Google domains
  • Dynadot
  • Hostinger

Namecheap provides privacy protection for all domains free of cost. You can purchase a domain name from a company and web hosting from another provider and connect them to set up your blog. You can always transfer your domain name from one registrar to another registrar very easily just like we do mobile number portability.

Buying Web Hosting

Before you start a blog or business website you need a web hosting service to store files and info. Before choosing a web hosting service you need to understand what is your requirement and you should pay for what you need. There are many types of web hosting in the market like shared hosting, cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, dedicated server etc.

There are many web hosting service provider companies like Godaddy, Hostinger, Bluehost, Siteground, A2 hosting and many more. You need a web hosting service provider as per your requirement. Before buying web hosting from research about their service quality, cancellation policy, pricing etc.

Here, I have mentioned some important information you need to check about a web hosting service provider while buying their service.

Shared hosting:- A server is shared with many users and you will get limited service. If the number of your blog visitors increase then you need to upgrade your hosting plans from shared hosting to VPS, Cloud hosting etc, unless you will lose traffic from your blog. There is no problem to start a blog and host on shared hosting but if you don’t upgrade when needed then it’s a huge loss for your blog. Shared hosting is suitable for small blogs & micro niche blogs which has low visitors count. Hosting providers like Bluehost, A2 Hosting, Siteground, Hostinger etc have shared hosting plans you can purchase. Shared hosting plans are cheap in price as compared to VPS and Cloud hosting.

If you are taking your offline business online and hope that your website will get huge traffic then you should go with VPS, Cloud hosting or Cloud hosting. For more information like how many visitors can be handled in hosting, you have to talk to hosting provider customer support. If you want to build your website only on WordPress then you may go with WordPress hosting.

Features:- Before choosing a web hosting service to start a blog you need to know that what are the main features of your web host provider and what is your requirement. You need to know if your host has Cpanel or not, how much storage and which type of storage they provide.

Server location:- Always choose the location of your web hosting provider data centre which is nearest to your audience. Choosing the nearest data centre will decrease latency. Top web hosting providers like Hostinger, Bluehost, Namecheap, Hostgator, Siteground, A2 hosting have multiple server locations, you can choose as per your requirement.

Security:- When you start a blog or business website for your business it is very important to keep your data safe and secure. You should always use SSL(Secure Socket Layer) certificate on your website to make a secure connection between your server and visitor. Before choosing a web host check if they provide an SSL certificate for free or not.

Support:- Before you choose a web host to start a blog or website you need to know about their support system which is very important. You can know about their support system from unbiased reviews on YouTUbe and Google. Some web hosts have phone, live chat and email support system while some has only email support, If you are new then you may face some unknown problems on hosting and need help, In that situation, your web host will help you so choose a web hosting provider who has a good support system.

Cancellation Policy:- When choosing a hosting provider to start a blog you should keep in mind about their cancellation policy, so you can move to a new web host if you face any problem here and take a refund. Some web hosting provider has 7 days cancellation policy, some web host like Hostinger, Hostgator has 30 days cancellation policy, web host like Bluehost has a 45days cancellation policy and hosting provider like A2 Hosting has a lifetime moneyback guarantee.

Best web hosting:- There are many web hosting service providers you can go with to start a blog. Some web host has only 1 server location, some provide only cloud hosting, So you have to choose a web host which fulfils your requirement. Web host like Hostinger, A2 Hosting, Bluehost, Host armada has many server locations and you have to choose your nearest server location. If you are new and have a plan to start a blog in 2021 then you can go with Hostinger web hosting they provide good service at a very affordable price. Below I have listed some ongoing offers on web hosting.

Web hostOffer detailOffer link
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Currently, these offers may have expired. For more amazing and fresh deals on Domain, Hosting, SEO tools visit blogswitch.net/deals

Choosing CMS

CMS stands for Content Management System, While you start a blog you can make it with coding or by using a CMS. WordPress is the most used CMS in the world in 2021, you can see the statistics of CMS used by website owners worldwide in June 2021.

CMS Market share june 2021
Image credit: JOOST BLOG

You can choose a CMS as per your requirement, Some CMS like WordPress are free to use and open source and there are also some paid CMS and you have to purchase a licence to use those CMS. WordPress is a very popular and most used CMS, you can also use WordPress to start a blog in 2021 which is free and open source.

To create a blog in 2021 you can use Blogger or WordPress. To set up your blog with WordPress you have to purchase web hosting to store website files. And if you create your blog on the Blogger platform you don’t need to pay for web hosting, Blogger will provide you free hosting. But in Blogger you will get very limited features and you can’t customize it like WordPress. If you create your blog on WordPress then you have the freedom to change the design using themes & plugins.

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If you create a blog on Blogger, Blogger blog will be hosted on Google server so it can handle unlimited traffic without any problem. But if your blog is on a web host and visitors increases on your blog then your host can’t handle it and you have to upgrade your hosting and pay more. And obviously, if you start a blog on WordPress you have to purchase web hosting.

Setting up your Blog

After purchasing the domain and hosting you have to connect them by updating the name server (DNS update) and it may take up to 24 hours to get connected. After connecting the domain with hosting you can set up your blog.

You can set up your blog by coding or by using a CMS like WordPress, Magneto etc. If you want to start a blog on WordPress then you can install WordPress WordPress on your web host from the control panel very easily. For help on setting up your blog, you can watch some videos on our YouTube channel.

Customize Your Blog

After creating your blog you have to give it a beautiful look. If you create a blog on blogger there are very few templates available you can use and customize.

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And if you create your blog on WordPress then you can use themes and plugins to customize your blog. There many free themes and plugins are available in the WordPress library.

Create a menu and make it easy for visitors to view content on your blog. Below I have listed some most used WordPress themes & Plugins you can use on your blog.

  • Astra Theme
  • GeneratePress theme
  • Affiliate booster theme
  • Newspaper theme
  • WP Rocket plugin
  • Rankmath SEO plugin
  • Yoast SEO plugin
  • Gopogle Sitekit plugin

Keyword Research

According to Wikipedia Keyword research is a practice SEO professionals use o find and research search terms that users enter into search engines when looking for products, services or general information.

So keyword research is a very important part of your blogging journey, do proper keyword research before writing an article on your blog. You have to find out which terms, queries and keywords are searched by users you want to target. To do proper keyword research you can use some free tools like Ubersuggest, Google keyword planner and paid tools like Ahref and Semrush etc.

You can also do keyword research from Google SERP but it is not so easy for new bloggers. Search engines like Google will take time to rank your content on SERP (Search Engine Result Page). To rank your new blog content fast you can use KGR (Keyword Golden Ration) technique while doing keyword research and writing content.

Write SEO Friendly Article

Before you start writing an article on your blog do proper keyword research. You have to keep in mind that you have to create quality content and your content should be original and easy to understand. Remember your content is the king of your blog so write quality and engaging content, visitors should stay on your content once they land on your blog post. After proper keyword research, you should have a list of focus keywords use them properly while writing an article. Don’t do keyword stuffing unless Search engines will penalize and de-rank your blog.


Structure of your article:- When writing an article, write with a structure that should be easy for visitors to understand your content. Use heading and sub-headings so readers can visit quickly what they want.

Use related keywords:- Keyword stuffing will decrease the quality of your content. Instead of keyword stuffing, you can use longtail keywords and elated keywords which will rank faster.

Table Of Content:- Table of content make it easy for readers to find headings on the top and they can decide if this article is for them or not. Table of content also makes it easy for crawlers to understand your content. So always use Table of content(TOC) on your blog post if you have more than 5 headings. There are many free plugins available on the WordPress library you can use to add a table of cont on your WordPress blog.

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Linking content:- Internal linking is a very important factor you should keep in mind while writing an article. If you have written an article on this on your blog then you should add a link to that article here, since both articles are on the same topic users may be interested in that article and view it, which will decrease your bounce rate and increase user engagement on your blog.

Use SEO plugin:- Use an SEO plugin like Rankmath and Yoast SEO which will help you in writing an SEO friendly article. Take care of keyword density, feature image and schema etc while writing a blog post on your blog. Never use more than 1 SEO plugin on a blog at the same time. To use a new SEO plugin you need to first remove the old one.

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Index Your Blog

After creating a blog, customizing it and publishing an article, Now you need to index your blog on search engines like Google and Bing which will help you to drive traffic to your new blog. You can also get more information about your content performance from your search console.

Inside Google search console you can check your content performance, your blog loading speed, ranking position and more information. If you see your content is not ranking on top SERP then you need to improve your content and send some social signal.

Indexing your blog on the Google search console is very easy, just visit Google search console website and add your blog, verify ownership. You can also use Google Sitekit plugin which will help you to index your blog on the Google Search console.

How To Drive Traffic

After submitting your blog on search console, search engine will not send traffic to your blog instantly, they will take time as your blog is new.

To get initial traffic to your blog you need to start advertising your blog, share on social media and do we mention on YouTUbe video etc. When your blog became old search engines will send traffic automatically.

Add social share buttons:- Add social sharing buttons on your blog so users can share your content on social media which will grow your website traffic.

Share on social media:- As a new blog, it has no organic traffic and no direct visitor. It is easy to start a blog in 2021 but it’s hard to drive traffic to your blog. Keep patience, share on social media and keep publishing articles regularly.

Monetize Your Blog

What was your intention to start a blog, obviously to make money online right? I know some of you have created a blog just to share your life experiences. But many of us have started a blog to earn money online.

Now I am going to share with you how you can monetize your blog, After setting up your blog, customizing it and publishing an article. Now your blog is ready to earn money for you. There are many ways you can earn money from your blog, I am going to share some of them below.

Implement ads:- Now your blog is ready to make money online for you. You can show ads on your blog and earn money, there are many online advertising networks you can join with. Adsense, Mediaven, Media.net and Adsthrive are some popular online advertising networks many publishers use to monetize their blogs.

Adsense:- You can earn money online from your website by showing Google Adsense ads on your blog content. Bloggers are making huge money by showing Adsense ads on their content. More traffic your blog has more money you can earn.

Google Adsense Ads

It is very easy to set up and place Adsense ads on your blog, just visit Adsense website and follow some simple steps.

Media.net:- Media.net is also an online advertising network like Google Adsense which help publishers to mean money from their blog by showing ads. Media.net serve ads in limited locations but pay much better than Adsense. If your audience is from the USA, Canada, UK and Australia then Media.net will approve very easily. Adsense is best for Indian traffic.

Media.net Ads

You can also use both Adsense and Media.net ads on your blog to earn more money. I have a great offer for you, if you signup on Media.net from the given link then you will get 10% more revenue for the first 3 months.

Use Ad Exchange:- Generally, Ad exchanges help you o boost your revenue. Ad exchanges place high CPC ads on your blog which will increase your revenue. Ad exchange like Ezoic finds high CPC ads and show them on your blog. Ezoic search for high CPC ad on ad inventory and show on your blog, Ezoic has joined more than 75 ad networks. If you use an Ad exchange like Ezoic, Advertisers compete to show ads on your page so you get high CPC ads.

To use Ezoic A.I based ad exchange your blog should have approved from Google Adsense. Ezoic will also provide free web hosting if you want.

Custom Ads:- You can also earn money online from your blog website by showing custom ads. If you maintain the quality of your blog and publish posts regularly, brands will approach you to show ads on your blog directly. You can also approach some brands for this. You can earn more money by showing custom ads on your blog since there is no mediator. When you start a blog you may not get any custom ad offer as the blog is new but when your blog gets older you will get a custom ad offer.

Sponsored Post:- When your blog starts getting huge traffic and you maintain the quality of your blog. Brands and bloggers will approach you for guest posting and sponsored posts. You don’t need to write that article, you have to just copy and paste it on your blog website, And you will receive payment for that. If you have a good blog with huge traffic you can charge more for publishing guest posts and sponsored posts on your blog. There are many online platforms where you can get sponsored articles to publish on your blog and earn money. Flyout is a very popular platform where you will get sponsored posts.

Affiliate Marketing:- When you are writing a review of a product, service or suggesting a product, service to others, you can earn money by putting affiliate links. Affiliate marketing is very easy just go to the brand’s website and signup for affiliate you want to promote. Once they approve your affiliate account you can create affiliate links and add them to your blog website and if someone makes a purchase by clicking on your link you will get a commission for each and every sale.

Some people just start a blog to start affiliate marketing and believe me guys you can earn much more from affiliate marketing than showing ads on your blog. You have to join every brand’s affiliate program individually to promote their service. Unless you can join some affiliate networks like Commission Junction, Impact Radius etc where you can join many affiliate programs instantly and access them from one dashboard.


In this blog post, I have shared a step by step on how to start a blog in 2021 and earn money online, if you follow these steps thoroughly and work properly then you can also generate your first income from your blog within 100 days. Before creating a blog decide on which platform you need to create, on which niche you will work and how you will earn. So before you start a blog plan properly unless you will waste your valuable time only. And yes don’t copy anyone, you can learn from others but don’t try to copy others.

I have this blog post was helpful for you to start a blog in 2021, please do share on social media with friends. If you face any problems with Blogging, Affiliate marketing, SEO and want more online money making tips you can join our Facebook group &Telegram group where other bloggers will help you.